Ideas For Designing A Sociable Kitchen

If you want to create a kitchen where friends and family can get together and enjoy each other's company, you need to ensure the design will create a friendly space. Open-plan living produces the best layout, allowing everyone to mingle as you get refreshments ready. You won't be shut away in a separate room. However, you can take additional steps to make your open space more companionable still. Here are some tips. [Read More]

Benefits Of A Glass Splashback In Your Kitchen

When undertaking kitchen renovations, one of your most important decisions is the splashback material. Because it covers such a large wall area, this element will influence the look of the entire kitchen. Here are some benefits of choosing a glass splashback. Durable And Safe When using glass in the home, you want to feel comfortable that it's safe and secure. Splashbacks use toughened glass, which has four times the strength of standard window panes. [Read More]

Why Wide-Plank Floors Are an Excellent Option for Your Kitchen

When considering a new floor for your kitchen renovation, hardwood may not be the first material that comes to mind. Many homeowners opt for other options such as tile and stone, as they've been used to complete the kitchen look for many years. However, you can add a vintage and personal touch to your kitchen by opting for hardwood. Not just any hardwood will do, but wide-plank hardwood floors. Wide-plank floors feature individual planks that are wider and sometimes longer in length. [Read More]