Top Bathroom Renovation Tips

The bathroom is one room within your home that often needs to be customised. Many renovation projects involving your home often focus on the bathroom area. If you are looking to add style and function to your bathroom space, you need to make sure that you choose design ideas that will offer the most return on your investment. This means that you need to renovate your bathroom in ways that will add the greatest value. [Read More]

Home renovation | Priceless tips for renovating small bathrooms

Got a small bathroom? Well, you're in luck. Even small bathrooms can be turned to magnificent ones with just a few tips from the pros. All you need to do is learn to work with the space you've got during your home renovation. There are many ways to save on space and make the bathroom feel larger. So if you've got a small bathroom that you'd want to remodel, here are some great ideas and design tips you can use. [Read More]

How to Perk Up a Flat Artificial Lawn

One of the big benefits of artificial grass from companies like Australian Lawn Wholesalers is the fact that it is low maintenance. You don't have to mow it or worry about fertilising patchy areas that make your lawn look uneven. This doesn't mean that you can have a lawn laid and forget about it, however, as even artificial grass needs some TLC. If you ignore it for too long, its blades may start to flatten down, leaving your previously lush green space looking a bit less upright than it should. [Read More]