5 Reasons to Go Open Plan During Your Office Renovation

An open plan office removes all those cubicles and separate spaces that used to define the working environment, instead valuing shared spaces and a lack of physical boundaries. It's a move that more and more businesses are making, and that's no coincidence. If you're thinking of having your office renovated, here are just five compelling reasons to go open plan. 1. Reduce Your Costs Your office should be designed to engender productivity and satisfaction among your employees, but cost is always going to be the bottom line. [Read More]

4 Types of Damage to Worry About with Laminate Benchtops but Not Quartz Benchtops

Unless you're extremely lucky, you're probably going to need to work to a budget during a kitchen renovation, so it can be easy to be tempted into buying a cheaper material for your benchtops, such as laminate. After all, using laminate benchtops instead of another material can ensure significant savings. Be that as it may, there are plenty of reasons to choose quartz instead. Quartz benchtops might demand a slightly higher initial payment, but you should think of that as an investment. [Read More]