Two tips to follow when remodelling a kitchen

If your kitchen is about to be remodelled, you should try to follow these tips.

Carefully consider the order in which your contractor should construct the kitchen's features

You and the contractor will need to decide the order in which they should construct or install the kitchen's features. This is a particularly important point to consider if space in the kitchen is limited, as constructing features in the incorrect order could cause issues. For example, if you have a small kitchen and you insist that he or she builds the kitchen island in the centre of the room first, this could make the installation of cabinets, large integrated appliances and sink very challenging, as the contractor will have to work around this large island. This would leave them with little room to walk around or to place their materials and tools.

Furthermore, they'll need to be work extra slowly to ensure that they do not accidentally scuff or scratch the new island whilst bringing in or using other construction materials. Thinking about the practicalities of the project before deciding on the order in which you'd prefer the contractor to install your new features will ensure that issues like this don't crop up and result in the remodelling work moving along at a slower pace than you would have preferred.

Be practical when choosing materials for the kitchen

Whilst there's nothing wrong with being inspired by kitchens you see online or in decorating magazines when you need to choose materials for your own kitchen, it's important to be practical when selecting these items rather than buying materials that will allow you to recreate an exact dupe of a particular kitchen you found beautiful.

For example, if you have several young kids, and you have instructed the contractor to order a glossy acrylic benchtop, they might advise you to think twice about this choice, as the many fingerprints and scratches your children will inevitably leave on this benchtop will be highly visible, because of its high-shine finish. In this situation, a matt acrylic or matt stone benchtop would help to hide any temporary or permanent marks your children leave on it. If you were to ignore the contractor's recommendation in this scenario, you might find yourself contacting them again in a few months to ask them to replace the unsightly benchtop with a more suitable version. This replacement job could be expensive and disruptive.