Three Kitchen Styles to Consider for Your Renovation

Before renovating your kitchen, you need to decide what style to base it on. What you choose, of course, depends on the rest of your home. Here are several possibilities that may suit you.

Industrial Style

An industrially styled kitchen has elements that hint at a factory. For example, it may have flooring such as polished concrete, which has a raw look. Or a wall may feature exposed brickwork. Metal is another important tool you can use to give your space this look. You could install matte black metal pendant lights, tapware, and window frames. Warm up the look of your kitchen with a timber benchtop or kitchen island to avoid it looking too cold. You can also add softness to the floor with rugs. In keeping with the factory-like minimalist theme, avoid fancy and decorative curves on furniture and elements and instead opt for simple, clean lines. The lack of fussiness will feel calm, and the raw materials will evoke a touch of nature.

Mid-Century Modern

Another look to consider for your kitchen is a mid-century modern aesthetic that harkens back to the period around the 1950s and 1960s. Like today's open-plan living layouts, houses built in this style tended to have open, continuous areas rather than numerous small rooms.

To emulate this feeling in your kitchen, stick to a simply defined layout. You could fit cabinetry with flat doors in a consistent row. Additionally, consider vintage elements in striking, geometric shapes, such as pendant lights or mirrors. This style is also inspired by nature, and you can follow this element by installing wooden flat-panelled cupboard doors with simple handles. A geometric rug and space-age furniture pieces will help to create a modern look reminiscent of the last century.

Country Kitchen

Instead of the clean lines of industrial and modern kitchens, you might like the relative ornateness of a traditional country kitchen. For this aesthetic, you can opt for more decorative cupboard doors with contouring that separates a recessed middle section of the door. A simple version of this look is offered by shaker doors that have four raised wooden slats on the border of each door. You can finish them with a knob or a cup pull handle.

Forget about minimalism when doing home renovations in this style and instead go for a cozy, chaotic look. For example, hang your kitchen utensils on a rail and install open shelves on which you can place your favourite items. A bit of cheerful clutter makes these kitchens feel homier and lived in.

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