Home renovation | Priceless tips for renovating small bathrooms

Got a small bathroom? Well, you're in luck. Even small bathrooms can be turned to magnificent ones with just a few tips from the pros. All you need to do is learn to work with the space you've got during your home renovation. There are many ways to save on space and make the bathroom feel larger. So if you've got a small bathroom that you'd want to remodel, here are some great ideas and design tips you can use.

Corner your sinks and shelves.

For small bathrooms, you need to save as much space as you can. Your storage units need to be at the corner because this uses up less space. The sink can also be built at the corner of the room and provide a few extra inches for your bathroom. You'll also benefit more from installing the sink across the toilet than the shower. The opening and closing of the shower doors can kill your space if you've got a sink nearby.

Use shower curtains and sliding doors.

Doors are not a good option if space is a limiting factor. Shower curtains can really save you a lot of space by eliminating the walk around condition a door creates. Besides, shower curtains can be easily changed and designed to fit your personality and appeal. You can decide to get one with bold colours or stick to a calm design.

As an alternative, you can settle for sliding doors too. They save on space just as much and as an added advantage, the clear glass acts like a window or mirror, making the space appear larger.

Enlarge your mirrors.

Mirrors are heaven-sent for small bathrooms. Their reflections give a perception of a larger space, so try and extend your mirror across the wall. Having one that just fits the length of the vanity isn't enough. Also, increase the length of the mirror to capture a wider view.

Use lighter colours.

Using busy patterns in a small bathroom can give the perception of a smaller space. Use lighter tones, and play around with the textures rather than the patterns. Lighter colours are easy on the eyes and give a spacious feel to the bathroom. Keep the designs simple and at a minimum for a better effect.  

Use smaller faucets

Smaller faucets save on space and keep the bathroom less cluttered. You can also mount them on the wall, and this will allow for a smaller sink or vanity. In the end, that can free up a lot of space.