Why Wide-Plank Floors Are an Excellent Option for Your Kitchen

When considering a new floor for your kitchen renovation, hardwood may not be the first material that comes to mind. Many homeowners opt for other options such as tile and stone, as they've been used to complete the kitchen look for many years.

However, you can add a vintage and personal touch to your kitchen by opting for hardwood. Not just any hardwood will do, but wide-plank hardwood floors. Wide-plank floors feature individual planks that are wider and sometimes longer in length.

You may be wondering how changing the plank size can breathe life into your new kitchen floor. Read along to find out.

1. They create an illusion of space

In the past, most hardwood floors had narrow plank sizes that would form multiple rows along the flooring area. However, narrow planks give the illusion of a crowded space and limited room for manoeuvrability. If you have a small kitchen, narrow planks will make it look even smaller.

You can solve this challenge by using wide plank sizes. Wider planks make the floor appear spacious, which in turn gives the illusion of a larger room. Wide-plank floors are an excellent choice for small kitchens that need more structure and uniformity. Each wide plank can be polished to create a clean look in your kitchen while adding a vintage and personal touch.

2. They are easier to install and maintain

As opposed to narrow-plank floors that can be complicated to fix when damaged, wider planks are easier to install and maintain. With wider plank sizes, it takes fewer planks to complete your entire flooring surface during installation.

The wider planks are also less prone to water slipping through the cracks and into your subfloor. And when repair is necessary, it can be completed in a shorter amount of time.

3. They create a more consistent theme

If you're looking for a kitchen floor theme that matches your countertops, walls and cabinets, hardwood floors with wide planks are the way to go. Wider plank sizes appear less choppy and have fewer interruptions as your eyes glide along the surface. With proper sealing and polishing, you can create unique and consistent kitchen themes that your family and friends will love.

Furthermore, because hardwood floors have unique veining patterns from the original tree that was used, you will have lots of flexibility in mixing and matching your new kitchen floors with other sections of the kitchen space.

Contact a kitchen renovations service for more information about what would be best for your kitchen.