Benefits Of A Glass Splashback In Your Kitchen

When undertaking kitchen renovations, one of your most important decisions is the splashback material. Because it covers such a large wall area, this element will influence the look of the entire kitchen. Here are some benefits of choosing a glass splashback.

Durable And Safe

When using glass in the home, you want to feel comfortable that it's safe and secure. Splashbacks use toughened glass, which has four times the strength of standard window panes. A unique tempering process renders it heat resistant as well, which is ideal for areas around a cooktop. Because of required building regulations, you can rest assured that the glazing is ideally suited to kitchen use.

Vast Colour Options

To create a cohesive design, it's crucial that you coordinate all hard surfaces in the kitchen: the flooring, cabinets, benchtop and splashback. This can become tricky because the colour of many natural stones, cupboard doors and timbers, for instance, are not extensive. With a back-painted splashback, your colour options are much broader, which simplifies the design process. You can select the other elements first, then choose a hue for the splashback. Bear in mind that you won't be able to see behind the glass, which becomes opaque after painting— it differs from stained-glass in this respect.

Creates A Spacious Impression

Glass splashbacks bounce light around a kitchen, giving a brighter, more spacious feel which improves the room's ambience. As well, smooth glass surfaces streamline the design, helping to make the kitchen appear larger. Busy tiled-splashback surfaces tend to do the opposite; the repeated grout lines give a crowded feel which visually shrinks a space. Because you can so precisely match the splashback colour, it's easy to match it to a wall or countertops, which emphasises the sleek impression.

Use In The Bathroom Also

You're not limited to the kitchen when considering a glass splashback. You can install one in the bathroom, above vanities and within showers to protect the walls from moisture and splashing. If you can coordinate the designs of both the bathroom and kitchen, you could install the same splashback. This repetition will create a polished sense of cohesion throughout your home. 

Install A Custom Print

The design options of glass don't end with solid colours either. You can print a custom digital image on the back also. Select from a range of pictures such as a scenic mountain view, an abstract wave or leaf motif or a copy of a textured brick, sand or natural stone surface. Why not look towards wrapping paper for inspiration in searching for a creative design for the splashback?

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