Ideas For Designing A Sociable Kitchen

If you want to create a kitchen where friends and family can get together and enjoy each other's company, you need to ensure the design will create a friendly space. Open-plan living produces the best layout, allowing everyone to mingle as you get refreshments ready. You won't be shut away in a separate room. However, you can take additional steps to make your open space more companionable still. Here are some tips.

Kitchen Island

Installing a kitchen island will ensure that you can prepare food without turning your back on guests and family. If the bench is large enough, they can perch on stools and chat as you chop and mix. That way, you can join in the conversation. Even with a smaller island, friends can stand around and relax in adjoining open living spaces with open communication.

A Bright Ambiance

When planning the design, pay attention to the brightness of the room. Allow abundant natural daylight to flow in for a pleasant, sunny vibe. Use minimal window coverings that don't block too much light. Alternatively, install a skylight or a sun tunnel that can channel light from a dome on the roof. Artificial lighting is important also. By layering the light with general ambient light and adding task lighting over bench areas, you can adjust and personalise illumination to produce different moods and effects. A dimmer can create a more flexible environment still, allowing you to soften the mood for comfort.

Decor And Furnishings

Furnishings and textures can also help to create a cozy atmosphere. Place a rug under a dining table and chairs to zone off the area and add warmth. If you prefer a minimal aesthetic, go with a solid-colour rug rather than a pattern. Cushions on the chairs create a comfortable spot to rest, making the furniture as inviting and welcoming as possible. Accent pieces are the perfect way to add a splash of colour or pattern to personalise the kitchen. 

Ample Storage To House Work Elements

An uncluttered, clean area generates a calming and soothing vibe. Too much detail and items give a crowded or jarring impression. Thus, ensure your home renovations for the kitchen provide enough storage to house all extraneous appliances, such as toasters and microwaves that don't add to the decor. Having enough drawers ensure that you don't need to leave utensils and breadboards scattered across the benchtop when they're not in use.

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