Secrets Maximising Bench Top Space in Your Tiny Kitchen

If you're in a tiny apartment, like a studio or one-bedder, chances are you have a tiny kitchen with limited bench top room. Wondering how to make it work? These nifty little secrets are great for maximising your bench top space!

1. Make Your Splashback Functional 

Magnetic splashbacks can be wonderful for helping you de-clutter your bench tops, and they can be a great place to store knives, utensils and anything else you don't have space for in the cupboards or on the bench. It also gives you easy access to the things you need most, making preparing in the kitchen simpler and more efficient.

2. Fold It Out

Depending on your kitchen design and layout, it might be possible to install a fold-out panel that extends your bench top space. You can simply fold it out when you need it and then put it away when it's not in use!

3. Think Over-the-Sink and Over-the-Stove

Over-the-sink chopping boards can provide you with that extra bit of chopping space when you need it most. Some boards even come with things like handles and colanders built in. Similarly, stove-top covers can also be great at covering your burners and giving you additional space to place bowls, boards or anything else you're working with. 

4. Roll It Out

A kitchen cart on wheels can be the ideal answer to your bench top woes. Rolling carts can be rolled out when you need them and stored away when you're done, and can typically come with a chopping board area on top and a little bit of storage underneath. Just make sure you find one that can fit in the free space in your kitchen when not in use.

5. Hang It or Shelve It!

What's taking up space on your bench top? And could you find a way to hang it on the wall? Even a simple series of hooks or racks in the kitchen can help you get that stuff off your bench top. And it can be an excellent opportunity to jazz up your kitchen decor.

If you have the space, shelving can be the perfect solution, too. Shelves can go anywhere there's wall space and you can utilise either the height or the breadth of the wall, or even turn a corner space into a shelving spot. Great for storage and freeing up bench space!

6. Don't Waste Space on Appliances

Bench top appliances (like toasters, kettles, coffee machines, mixers) can take up valuable bench top space and make things like cutting, chopping and preparing a hassle.

Instead of keeping them on the bench, store them in the cupboard or on a shelf, and simply take them out (or down) when you need to use them. If you use a particular appliance every day, you can consider keeping it on the bench top, but perhaps in a corner where it will be mostly out of the way.