How to Customise Kitchen Drawers

You can create customised storage spaces in your kitchen in a way that enables you to get maximum value from the kitchen drawers. This article discusses some of the accessories that will make your kitchen drawer remodel truly functional.

Rethink Cutlery Dividers

You may be wondering how you can utilise the space that is left redundant once all your cutlery has been placed in the drawer dedicated to such items. A good way to redeem space for other storage purposes is to devote half of the drawer to cutlery storage. Cutlery dividers can demarcate where the forks, spoons and knives go. The other space in that drawer can have drawer partitions that allow bigger cooking utensils, such as ladles, to be stored in the space that was previously unused.

Install a Spice Jar Insert

Many kitchens have a drawer that is dedicated to the storage of spice jars. Unfortunately, that drawer is just a large space where the jars are dropped without any way to organise them. Consequently, it becomes hard to retrieve a particular spice jar when one is cooking. You can even end up buying more spices under the mistaken belief that you don't have particular spices in your cabinet. Take advantage of your next kitchen remodel to create order in the way spices are kept. Install a customised spice jar insert. That insert should have angled ledges so that all the spice jars are clearly visible once they are dropped into that drawer.

Install a Plate Rack

Some kitchens have the dishwasher and the sink on the kitchen island. People with such kitchen plans can avoid the inconvenience of having to carry plates to another section of the kitchen after those plates have been cleaned. This can be done by installing plate rack drawers within the cabinet that is closest to the dishwasher. In this way, you will avoid the risk of dropping the plates as you carry them across the kitchen to another cabinet.

Rethink How You Store Cooking Pots

Many kitchen drawers where cooking pots and pans are kept have no provision for the storage of the lids of those pots. This may compel homeowners to squeeze those lids haphazardly between the cooking pots. You can avoid such disorganization by creating special partitions at the back or on the sides of the drawers so that the lids have a dedicated space for their storage.

Discuss the modifications above with a provider of kitchen joinery services. He or she will find a seamless way to make the needed changes so that the storage spaces within your kitchen are used maximally.